Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis




Kidney Haemodialysis

We have started our dialysis unit in the year 2003. We started with 4 bed Dialysis unit. Now we have 12 Haemodialysis machines. We provide Dialysis for Hepatytis B positive patients and also C positive patients separately. Now we are providing Dialysis of 60 patients in regular basis. Here, B positive patients are 10 and C positive patients are 15. Besides of this, many patients are taking dialysis in irregular basis.

Services & Facilities of our Dialysis Unit :

  • Highly trained and experienced consultants, nurses and ward boys are working round the clock in Dialysis Unit. And under the direct and close supervision of experienced doctors the experienced team are working
  • 12 Haemodialysis machines
  • 24 hour emergency dialysis services
  • We are providing 3 shifts dialysis
  • Round the clock web based monitoring system.
  • Discount for poor patients